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Lates PUB Gfx Tool Free With NO BAN (Update)

Lates PUB Gfx Tool Free With  NO BAN (Update)
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Lates PUB Gfx Tool Free With NO BAN

The description of public house Gfx Tool Free🔧 (NO BAN)
Experience "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner " in the radical graphics setting 💯
Best GFX Tool: presently rank #1 GFX Tool on Google Play Store.

Features of this app:

  1. Featured on XDA Portal: suggested and tested by XDA Developer(Most renowned developer community) for up game performance.
  2. The Most Advanced GFX Tool for optimizing parcel diversion expertise.

Customize your game graphics sort of a professional

  1. Basic Graphics Settings
  2. 1080 Resolution: modification of the resolution of the sport.
  3. HDR Game Graphic: Unlock the HDR graphics on low finish devices.
  4. Extreme FPS: Unlock the acute FPS level.
  5. Style: modification graphics vogue setting.
  6. Shadow: Enable and disable shadow.
  7. 4xMSAA: modify and disable Anti Aliasing.

Demo Settings

  1. Potato Graphics: minimal texture quality. helpful if your game lags.
  2. Safe Mode: Use our app while not the worry of obtaining a BAN.
  3. Save My Layout & Sensitivity Settings: forestall resetting of game layout & sensitivity settings.

Plus version options

  1. Shadow Quality: choose the shadow quality.
  2. Shadow Resolution(Pixel): modification the scale of shadow component.
  3. MSAA Level: choose the MSAA Level.
  4. property Level: choose the aeolotropic filtering(AF) level.
  5. Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the standard of graphics.
  6. Detail Mode: modification of the detail of graphics with completely different profiles.
  7. lightweight Effects: Enable/disable lightweight effects in the game.
  8. Color Rendering Level: modify thirty-two Bit /sixty-four Bit colors.
  9. Zero Lag Mode + Battery economical: Optimized game configuration.
  10. Graphic Profile: currently select graphic in line with RAM size.
  11. Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: modify support for VULKAN and OPENGL three.1+.
  12. GPU improvement: Custom OpenGL shaders.
  13. Memory Boost: step up the sport performance.
  14. Sensible convenience: One bit to launch the game while not gap public house Gfx+ app once more and once more.

Permission: Storage (Photos/Media files) for modifying graphics settings.
Permission: web for checking updates.
Permission: Kill background app for enhancing memory.

"This app is developed for a specific game and that we don't seem to be attached with Tencent."

DISCLAIMER: Before victimization this app Please check that that you just have a browse & accepted out Privacy policy & Terms of service.

PUB Gfx Tool Free (NO BAN) 0.16.1 Update

  1. This update will bring old appui.
  2. Please uninstall the previous version before installing this version.
  3. Thanks for your feedback.


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