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How to Fix battery life issue on OnePlus 7 / Pro

How to Fix battery life issue on OnePlus 7 / Pro
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How to Fix battery life issue on OnePlus 7 / Pro

Nowadays, most of the smartphone makers are providing an honest battery specification with quick charging or wireless charging options. however, most of the smartphones are unable to supply an honest battery life meaning a full operating day or over this. However, a number of the larger powered smartphones give longer battery life for a primary few months. Then when receiving a microcode update, all goes down suddenly. This happens with most of the mechanical man users nowadays. OnePlus has discharged 2 new flagship killer devices. The OnePlus seven and OnePlus 7 professional handsets are thus sensible in terms of the specifications, features, and worthy purpose. however, as associate mechanical man smartphone, it's going to get these kinds of problems within the future. Here during this guide, we’ll give you temporary and simple ways in which to mend battery life issue on OnePlus seven and OnePlus 7 professional.

One of the most issues of today’s smartphones is that the battery backup issue. folks largely like battery and camera-centric devices which supplies sensible} screen-on time of a minimum of 1-day battery life and good camera quality. whereas the previous generation, OnePlus 6T filled with a three,700 mAh battery rather like OnePlus seven. however recently, the OnePlus 6T received associate OTA update and also the battery backup currently drops considerably.

We speak about OxygenOS and its options or smoothness rather like a stock mechanical man. however, OxygenOS wants some enhancements in system updates, however. Here we are going to discuss the way to fix Battery life issue on OnePlus seven and OnePlus 7 professional. we are going to cowl some troubleshoot ways which can facilitate increase battery backup on your device.

Steps to mend battery life issue on OnePlus seven and OnePlus 7 professional

  1. Sometimes, we opt to see everything clearly and brilliantly on our devices and that we increase the brightness. confirm to scale back the screen brightness up to plain. this can save your battery juice the maximum amount as longer.
  2. Check the background running system or third-party apps/services to grasp whether or not any app overwhelming such a lot battery or not.
  3. Turn off Google Maps, GPS, and Bluetooth (if unusable) to scale back consistent battery voidance.
  4. Turn off the mobile information or mobile hotspot (if potential throughout unused) to scale back battery drain.
  5. Check and confirm that the phone battery isn't faulty in the slightest degree.
  6. Sometimes, your device hardware/board gets full of any reason and your battery juice reduced such a lot. It causes the device heating issue yet.
  7. If you’re a frenzied user of a mobile camera for taking footage or recording videos for an extended time or oftentimes, your device battery can drain drastically inside some hours.
  8. Try to clear your device cache and temporary files. it should facilitate your device battery to measure length. If potential, you ought to opt for associate Anti-Virus application to scan your device frequently to test any virus or malware.
  9. Hope this guide can facilitate your lots. be at liberty to comment down below your problems or thoughts.


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