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5 Ways Bixby Rocks Samsung Bixby

5 Ways Bixby Rocks Samsung Bixby
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5 Ways Bixby Rocks Samsung Bixby:

Samsung Bixby may be a suite of computer science tools that create it easier for you to use your Samsung Galaxy phone and to prepare your life. From voice activation with Bixby Voice to image recognition through Bixby Vision and AI leaning via Bixby Home, below are 5 ways that Bixby improves your life.

Bixby’s full capabilities are accessible on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S9, and the Galaxy Note 9. restricted capabilities are accessible on alternative Samsung Galaxy devices.

Use Bixby Voice to regulate Your Phone

Bixby Voice's robust suit is that it understands voice commands. specifically, it interprets commands that operate the phone. Any commands you utilize with the touchscreen are often spoken into your phone.

When you need to send AN email, for instance, tell Bixby to open your mail app ANd send an email to your friend SAM. You'll avoid having to search out the e-mail app on your phone and rummage around for the recipient's email address.

To use voice commands with Bixby Voice:

  1. Press and hold the Bixby key on the side of your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Say a command.
  3. Release the Bixby key.

Find data With Bixby Vision

Have you ever encounter a plant you’ve ne'er seen before and wish to search out out what it’s called? perhaps you wish to work out what quite a dog your neighbor has, or you’re involved somebody has taken pictures from your web site.

When you wish to search out data however writing an outline doesn't get results, take an image instead. Bixby Vision makes it simple to visually hunt for data. It uses your phone's camera to snap an image of the thing and so finds similar pictures on the online.
  1. Open Bixby Home by either pressing the Bixby key on your phone or swiping right.
  2. Scroll down the page to search out the Bixby Vision card, and faucet Image.
  3. Point the camera at the thing. Bixby Vision makes an attempt to spot the thing and displays suggestions.
  4. Tap the suggestion that matches what you’re searching for, and Bixby Vision opens an inventory of matches.
  5. Tap a picture and your default browser opens to show the search results.
  6. View the online page to search out data regarding your photograph.

Shop With Bixby Vision

Have you ever browsed a magazine, saw one thing you likable, and questioned wherever you'll get one similar to it? Bixby Vision uses your camera to spot the item and list stores that have it purchasable.
  1. Open Bixby Home and scroll to the Bixby Vision card.
  2. Tap looking associated purpose the camera at an item. Bixby Vision tries to spot the item and displays a series of text results.
  3. Tap the result that matches the item. Bixby Vision displays a listing of matching merchandise.
  4. Tap a product within the list to travel looking.

Use Bixby Home to seek out all of your Websites on One Page

Wouldn’t it be convenient to seek out all of your favorite websites in one place? Bixby Home displays your social media news feeds and your most visited websites in one convenient location.

Not solely are you able to organize your online life, however you’ll conjointly notice different helpful apps in Bixby Home. You’ll notice associate degree app that keeps you recent with the weather, an inventory of your often used apps, fast access to your favorite tunes on Google Play Music, and more.

Bixby house is organized into cards and every card may be a placeholder for all of those apps. If Bixby Home contains a card for associate degree app you don’t use or don’t wish to determine, take away the cardboard. There also are additional cards which will be supplementary to Bixby Home.
  1. Here's a way to add a replacement card to Bixby Home:
  2. Tap the 3 vertical dots within the higher right corner to open the menu.
  3. Tap Settings then Cards.
  4. To show associate degree app on the Bixby Home page, move the slider to the On position. to get rid of associate degree app from Bixby Home, move the slider to the Off position.
  5. Tap Back till you come to Bixby Home.

Use Bixby to manage Your TV along with your Voice

Imagine not having to go looking through the TV menu choices to go looking for content, amendment the brightness, switch to the optical disc player, or amendment the image mode. It’s all potential with Bixby on your Samsung TV.
  1. Here's a way to use Bixby on a Samsung good TV:
  2. Press and hold the mike button on your TV remote.
  3. Say a command, like "lower the amount," "go to channel twelve," or "show an inventory of action movies."
  4. Release the button on the remote. The TV acknowledges the command and makes the changes.


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