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Mobile PUBG Cheat! Anyone Can Use It! 100% Works!

PUBG Mobile Cheat easily? Of course, I can! - 

Surely you are upset if you are playing well, have lots of kills, and loot is complete but instead die because of cheaters. Wow, of course, I'm upset not playing.

Mobile PUBG Cheat! Anyone Can Use It! 100% Works!

But calm down, don't think using cheats for PUBG Mobile is difficult. Because anyone can do it. Well, below I will give a little tutorial to use the PUBG Mobile cheat.

Listen carefully, huh!

Materials needed 
There are some things that you have to prepare beforehand, maybe a little complicated. So you have to follow it carefully.

First of all, you must have the Mod PUBG Mobile file. Mod Apk is an application that has been modified in such a way as to a specific purpose, one of which is to use cheats.

The next material that you must prepare is the GameGuardian Apk that you can get easily. Please download the latest version to avoid errors.

Finally, prepare a script from the PUBG Mobile cheat. Now you can search the script in various places, just googling it. But I recommend the Rain City Hack script.

The download link is below, guys!

How to Use Cheat
Almost forgotten, make sure your smartphone is rooted too. If not, please root first, for the root tutorial you can search on Youtube according to each device.

After installing GameGuardian, there will be two choices, namely GameGuardian HW and SW, open the SW then follow the settings command given.

Don't forget to change the memory range setting and check B: Bad (Dangerous) [75.45MB] if you have entered GameGuardian, check the picture below:

Mobile PUBG Cheat! Anyone Can Use It! 100% Works!

If you have done the settings, immediately open the PUBG Mobile that you have installed before. After opening it, immediately click the GameGuardian logo that is above your smartphone screen, then select PUBG Mobile.

To use the cheat script, immediately press the Play button which is on the right side of the screen and finds where you put the downloaded script. More details, please see the picture below:

Mobile PUBG Cheat! Anyone Can Use It! 100% Works!

Click the Execute button then the script will load automatically. When it is finished loading, a menu will appear for PUBG Mobile bypass that you must do if you want the cheat to function properly.

Mobile PUBG Cheat! Anyone Can Use It! 100% Works!

After everything is finished, you can use the features of the available cheat. But I suggest using just a few features like Wallhack, No Recoil, and Antenna.

Because if it's too excessive, your account must be at risk of being permanently banned for up to 10 years. So use the features as wisely as possible.

Mobile PUBG Cheat! Anyone Can Use It! 100% Works!

After all your settings and features are activated, it's time to act! You can get Chicken Dinner easily! You will be able to find out the position of the enemy easily and can immediately kill it without getting caught.

PUBG Mobile Files Link Cheat
Before downloading the required files, I want to remind you that this article is just sharing about how to use cheats.

I am not responsible if I get banned or something else that can eliminate the player account.

Download all the files below and follow the steps as written above. If there is a PUBG Mobile force close, there may be a wrong setting.

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