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D'smart Home New 2019 Karaoke full Version

D'smart Home New 2019 Karaoke full Version
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Dsmart Home 2018 This Software Mimin Package with the Loader Which Will Make This Software Run With Full Version But Not Original.
Features Like the Previous Version Only This Is There Addition of Flashplayer Plugins So Without Installing More Plugins The software is running normally and Little Changes to the Home and Skin.

D'smart Home New 2019 Karaoke full + Loader

Video Support: 
MPG DAT MP4 AVI. Testing Win 7,8,10

Software Features:

  1. Support all types of video and mp3 files
  2. Full Touchscreen Monitor Support
  3. Support One screen and two screens
  4. Support Remote Karaoke / Qwerty remote / Keyboard mouse
  5. Auto Save Playlist
  6. Song Video Preview
  7. Equalizer Effect
  8. Pitch Control & Tempo Control
  9. Mood Sound Voice
  10. ON / OFF Random Scoring Voice
  11. Video Manager
  12. Auto Import Song
  13. Running Text Changer
  14. Using the Login Password Form System
  15. More song categories to make it easier to search
Info :
This software uses loaders so this software is not original.

Download :

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