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5 Types of Cheat Most Used on PUBG Mobile

5 Types of Cheat Most Used on PUBG Mobile
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Who says popular games like PUBG Mobile don't have cheaters or hackers? Behind the success of the game, apparently, there is still a myriad of cheats hanging around throughout the game.

5 Types of Cheat Most Used on PUBG Mobile

Even though they have been eradicated by the developer, their presence is still in this game. The way to prevent it is also quite difficult, considering the cheaters will be ready to harm players who do not use cheats. Want to know what types of cheats are on PUBG Mobile? This time, the author will review about 5 types of cheats in the game that the source of the review comes from the site "gamehubs.com". Check out the following review:

Auto Aim
This type of cheaters is quite detrimental to other players. Although not as bad as Wallhack or Wallshot, Auto Aim actually made it difficult for the players, who had arranged their war strategy with difficulty. The reason, Auto Aim can shoot enemies on target, without having to use special strategies.

Even though Hubbers hid behind a wall or building, it seems that a long distance shot with Auto Aim can penetrate all of that. Don't be surprised if you tried to hide, but got shot from nowhere.


Well, here's one of the most detrimental types of cheats on PUBG Mobile. For those who don't know, Wallhack is a type of cheat, where users can see other players invisibility. It means This cheat user can see you hiding behind a wall or other places. Wallhack is very detrimental to other players who do not use the cheat. Worse, if they know your position, then have a great chance to shoot you.

Use 'Macros' or 'Scripts'

The use of macros and in-game scripts such as PUBG Mobile can allow you to do automatic actions quickly. Scripts are also used to loot items, respond to shots, heal themselves, drink energy drinks, refill weapons automatically. Yup, everything is done automatically with macros and scripts. There are also those who manage the script using an emulator, or 'bot' for AFK and BP. If Hubbers uses this cheat, get ready to be banned by the developer of this game.

Instant Healing and Instant Revive

Doesn't it matter when you meet players who use this type of cheat? Having been shot to death, it turns out that he can recover or live again quickly. Usually, to turn on a dead friend takes a long time.

However, with this cheat, you can cure your partner in 1 second. It's annoying to meet players who use Instant Healing or Instant Revive. One of the best ways to prevent it is to kill cheat users first.

Using Special Tools for Hacking

 Lastly, is to use special tools for hacking and cheating. Although the tools used are simple, they are still considered fraudulent and dangerous for other players. Especially if you use applications such as GameGuardian, Lucky Patcher, Freedom APK, and others on PUBG Mobile, then get ready to be banned from the game. Actually using the application in this game is actually useless. Even BP, items, skins, crates, EXP, vitality also cannot be hacked with the application.

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